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Brooklyn, NY Movers and Moving companies, van lines , Piano movers, shippers, one way truck rentals, shipping boxes in and from Brooklyn, NY
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To help you anticipate the cost of your move, movers will give you quotes according to a list of items that you'll provide. Help the movers calculate the cost of your move by listing every single item to be moved. Anything omitted from the estimate but later included in the shipment will add to the cost of your move. And remember when you are looking for movers and moving companies in Brooklyn, NY  we will get you there.


Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City. An independent city until its consolidation with New York in 1898, Brooklyn is New York's most populous borough, with 2.6 million residents.

The borough of Brooklyn is coterminous with Kings County, which is also the most populous county in New York State and the seventh most populated county in the United States. It was named in honor of King Charles II of England, which is the source of Brooklyn's nickname as the "City of Kings."

In spite of its consolidation with New York, Brooklyn maintains a strongly distinct character of its own. Variously called the "City of Trees," "City of Homes," or the "City of Churches" in the 19th century, Brooklyn is now often styled the "Borough of Homes and Churches" or even sometimes called "The Planet", popularized by Guru from the rap duo Gangstarr, for its diversity, large population, and size.

As a promotional gesture by the current borough administration, distinctive traffic signs are posted along major traffic arteries at Brooklyn’s border crossings. They incorporate colorful expressions associated with Brooklyn, including: "Fugheddaboudit," "Oy Vey!," and "How Sweet It Is." One sign identifies the borough as: "Home to Everyone From Everywhere!"

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Brooklyn Movers

1-A Argen Moving 3751 18th Ave Brooklyn NY 11218-6154 Kings
Brooklyn Movers 16 Court St
Brooklyn, NY 11241
(718) 928-3336  
A & A Moving & Storage 460 Monitor St Brooklyn NY 11222 Kings
A & A Moving & Trucking Inc 460 Monitor Brooklyn NY 11222 Kings
A & W Moving & Storage 1476 Fulton St Brooklyn NY 11216-2505 Kings
A 1 Moving & Storage 174 52nd St Brooklyn NY 11232-4317 Kings
A A Absolute Moving 25 Chapel St Brooklyn NY 11201-1952 Kings
A A Alliance Moving Corp 102 Albemarle Rd Brooklyn NY 11218-2354 Kings
A A Arrow & Moving 140 58th St Brooklyn NY 11220-2521 Kings
A A Arrow Moving & Storage Inc 14 Whale Sq Brooklyn NY 11232-2608 Kings
A A Sikorskiy Moving Inc 1635 E 19th St Brooklyn NY 11229-1345 Kings
A A Supreme Moving & Storage Brooklyn NY 11229 Kings
A Big Apple Moving & Storage 83 3rd Ave Brooklyn NY 11217-2315 Kings
A Park Slope Mover 584 6th Ave Brooklyn NY 11215-5471 Kings
A-1A Jay's Way Moving Inc 2149 E 72nd St Brooklyn NY 11234-6228 Kings
AAA Two Brothers Brooklyn NY 11223 Kings
AAA Viva Moving 5 53rd St # B Brooklyn NY 11232-2607 Kings
AAAA 102 Albemarle Rd Brooklyn NY 11218-2354 Kings
Action Moving Co 95 Sackman St Brooklyn NY 11233-3418 Kings
Adam Services Inc 1 43rd St Brooklyn NY 11232-2618 Kings
Advanced Relocation System 5 Highlawn Ave Brooklyn NY 11223-2427 Kings
Affirmative Moving 158 Pioneer St Brooklyn NY 11231-1207 Kings
Aforce 1616 Avenue H Brooklyn NY 11230-2428 Kings
All Directions Moving & Stge 193 Banker St Brooklyn NY 11222-2847 Kings
All Make Svc Inc 2416 E 7th St Brooklyn NY 11223-5406 Kings
All Star Moving & Storage Inc 88 Sandford St Brooklyn NY 11205-2828 Kings
All-American Moving & Storage Brooklyn NY 11238 Kings
Allen Trucking 1299 Bergen St Brooklyn NY 11213-1507 Kings
Allied Van Lines 419 38th St Brooklyn NY 11232-2514 Kings
American Transit System 100 1st St Brooklyn NY 11231-5004 Kings
American Way Van Lines 48 43rd St Brooklyn NY 11232-2613 Kings
Arik Jerusalem Moving Inc 1551 39th St Brooklyn NY 11218-4458 Kings
Arista Van Lines Inc 201 64th St Brooklyn NY 11220-4806 Kings
Astoria Motor Van Co 142 Franklin St Brooklyn NY 11222-2284 Kings
Athletic Movers Inc 2958 W 8th St Brooklyn NY 11224-3223 Kings
Athletic Movers Inc 675 Avenue Z Brooklyn NY 11223-6252 Kings
Atlantic Van Lines 428 Avenue P Brooklyn NY 11223-1935 Kings
Atlas 201 64th St Brooklyn NY 11220-4806 Kings
B Nilsson Moving & Storage Inc 349 Arlington Ave Brooklyn NY 11208-1245 Kings
B P Moving Inc 1514 39th St Brooklyn NY 11218-4414 Kings
Benji's Moving & Trucking 1546 39th St Brooklyn NY 11218-4461 Kings
Big Apple 83 3rd Ave Brooklyn NY 11217-2315 Kings
Big Apple Moving & Storage 22 2nd Ave Brooklyn NY 11215-3102 Kings
Bravo Express 1337 66th St Brooklyn NY 11219-6132 Kings
Brooklyn Movers 55 33rd St Brooklyn NY 11232-1905 Kings
Brothers Moving & Storage 900 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn NY 11238-3143 Kings
BSD Moving Inc 481 Baltic St Brooklyn NY 11217-2507 Kings
Burke Light Moving Inc 293 Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn NY 11238-6301 Kings
Cabbas Furnishing & Moving Ent 1669 E 46th St Brooklyn NY 11234-3604 Kings
Calypso 1046 Winthrop St Brooklyn NY 11212-2027 Kings
Calypso Moving 600 E 18th St # 6e Brooklyn NY 11226-7312 Kings
Carpenters & Movers 8403 7th Ave Brooklyn NY 11228-3236 Kings
Central Moving & Storage 360 Kosciusko St Brooklyn NY 11221-1412 Kings
Chelsea Van Lines Inc 55 33rd St Brooklyn NY 11232-1905 Kings
Coast To Coast Intl Corp 470 Pulaski St Brooklyn NY 11221-2311 Kings
Complete Relocation Inc 425 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn NY 11222-1929 Kings
Conway Relocation Systems 2475 W 16th St Brooklyn NY 11214-7040 Kings
Coolie Moving & Storage Inc 365 Avenue W Brooklyn NY 11223-5349 Kings
Crystal Moving & Storage Inc 4520 12th Ave Brooklyn NY 11219-2003 Kings
Dahill Moving & Storage Co Inc 5620 1st Ave Brooklyn NY 11220-2511 Kings
Delta Moving & Storage 100 1st St Brooklyn NY 11231-5004 Kings
Douglas Moving 77 E 46th St Brooklyn NY 11203-1814 Kings
E Z Moving Inc 6362 Saunders St Brooklyn NY 11201 Kings
Enterprise Moving System 1884 Mcdonald Ave Brooklyn NY 11223-1810 Kings
E-Z Moving Inc 253 Bond St Brooklyn NY 11217-2919 Kings
F C Barschow & Sons Inc PO Box 310148 Brooklyn NY 11231-0148 Kings
Father & Son Moving 2525 Tilden Ave Brooklyn NY 11226-5090 Kings
Father & Son Moving & Storage 2525 Tilden Ave Brooklyn NY 11226-5090 Kings
Fixed Price 141 Spencer St # 208 Brooklyn NY 11205-3995 Kings
Fixed Price Moving & Storage 141 Spencer St # 208 Brooklyn NY 11205-3995 Kings
G & A Moving & Storage Co Inc 221 Varick Ave Brooklyn NY 11237-1026 Kings
Galil Moving & Storage Inc 20 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn NY 11217-1121 Kings
Garden State Van Lines 338 Moffat St Brooklyn NY 11237-6409 Kings
Giant Marketing Corp 774 39th St Brooklyn NY 11232-3210 Kings
Globe Storage & Moving Inc 84 Hudson Ave Brooklyn NY 11201-1222 Kings
Great Storage LLC 49 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn NY 11237-2650 Kings
Green Light Inc Moving 2293 E 21st St Brooklyn NY 11229-4801 Kings
Half Price Movers 2102 E 15th St Brooklyn NY 11229-4354 Kings
Harborside Self Storage Corp PO Box 6-R Brooklyn NY 11232 Kings
Jacoby Moving System 232 Norman Ave Brooklyn NY 11222-3609 Kings
Joy Van Line Inc 1050 E 53rd St Brooklyn NY 11234-1642 Kings
Junior Moving & Delivery Svc 300 E 93rd St Brooklyn NY 11212-1811 Kings
Monaco Trucking & Moving Inc 194 10th St Brooklyn NY 11215-3803 Kings
Move On Up Moving & Storage 100 Engert Ave Brooklyn NY 11222-4808 Kings
Movers Group Vanlines Inc 1421 Ovington Ave Brooklyn NY 11219-6223 Kings
Moving & Direct Transport 793 Utica Ave Brooklyn NY 11203-3421 Kings
Moving Etc Inc 170 9th St Brooklyn NY 11215-3111 Kings
Moving With Us 4021 15th Ave Brooklyn NY 11218-4486 Kings
Moving Your Way Moving Co Inc 329 18th St # A Brooklyn NY 11215-6114 Kings
Nasa Moving & Storage 1681 E 8th St Brooklyn NY 11223-2217 Kings
National Moving Inc 2739 E 65th St # 2 Brooklyn NY 11234-6825 Kings
NBA Transportation Inc 1221 E 66th St Brooklyn NY 11234-5603 Kings
New Start Moving 48 43rd St Brooklyn NY 11232-2613 Kings
NEW York Movers 45 S 1st St Brooklyn NY 11211-4101 Kings
Newman Moving 3504 Quentin Rd Brooklyn NY 11234-4231 Kings
Northstar Moving Inc 47 Hall St Brooklyn NY 11205-1315 Kings
Old Country Moving & Storage 135 51st St Brooklyn NY 11232-4314 Kings
Omni Office Systems 4100 1st Ave Brooklyn NY 11232-3303 Kings
One Stop Trucking Svc Inc 1053 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn NY 11211-2710 Kings
Oz Moving & Storage Inc 276 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn NY 11222-2450 Kings
Park Slope Moving Supl & Truck 43 5th Ave # N Brooklyn NY 11217-4602 Kings
Platinum Trucking LLC 19 Clinton Ave Brooklyn NY 11205-1108 Kings
Primary Arts Svc Inc 52 Box St Brooklyn NY 11222-1150 Kings
Prudential Moving & Storage 316 22nd St Brooklyn NY 11215-6408 Kings
Public Van Lines Inc 218 41st St Brooklyn NY 11232-2812 Kings
Quality Moving & Trnsprtn 106 Ferris St Brooklyn NY 11231-1094 Kings
Quality Moving Inc 2121 Shore Pkwy Brooklyn NY 11214-7240 Kings
R Athletic Movers 2968 W 8th St Brooklyn NY 11224-3201 Kings
Rabbit Movers 33 Washington St Brooklyn NY 11201-1028 Kings
Rainbow Movers Inc 306 Water St Brooklyn NY 11201-1216 Kings
Renaissance Moving Systems Inc 730 Avenue L Brooklyn NY 11230-5112 Kings
Robert Person 3 Sumpter St Brooklyn NY 11233-2101 Kings
Robinson Express 315 Sumpter St Brooklyn NY 11233-2712 Kings
Roma United Inc 314 Roebling St Brooklyn NY 11211-6262 Kings
Royal Moving & Storage 56 48th St Brooklyn NY 11232 Kings
RSD 590 Livonia Ave Brooklyn NY 11207-5316 Kings
Rubinstein Van Lines 63 Flushing Ave # 153 Brooklyn NY 11205-1070 Kings
Sam's Moving Co 1966 W 5th St Brooklyn NY 11223-2650 Kings
Santini U Inc Moving & Storage 239 15th St Brooklyn NY 11215-4998 Kings
Sher-Del Transfer Inc 249 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn NY 11211-4009 Kings
Speedy Movers Inc 231 15th St # A Brooklyn NY 11215-4901 Kings
Standard Caribbean Shipping 8202 Foster Ave Brooklyn NY 11236-3111 Kings
State To State Van Lines 68 34th St # 6 Brooklyn NY 11232-2000 Kings
Storage Trucking 160 John St Brooklyn NY 11201-1225 Kings
Sun Da Di Moving Inc 729 59th St Brooklyn NY 11220-3922 Kings
Susa Partnership 41 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn NY 11217-1101 Kings
Swift Moving Inc 473 Van Brunt St Brooklyn NY 11231-1009 Kings
TDY Freight Svc LTD 185 Randolph St Brooklyn NY 11237-1306 Kings
Time Moving & Storage 158 Pioneer St Brooklyn NY 11231-1207 Kings
Time Moving & Storage Inc 90 Eldert St Brooklyn NY 11207-1021 Kings
Top Hat Movers 86 Prospect Park W Brooklyn NY 11215-3575 Kings
Top Priority Moving & Storage 773 E 93rd St Brooklyn NY 11236-1832 Kings
Trans-Jam Express Shipping Co 479 Rogers Ave Brooklyn NY 11225-5013 Kings
Trinbago Express Shipping Svc 9909 Foster Ave Brooklyn NY 11236-2115 Kings
Twin Moving & Storage Inc 1743 E 4th St Brooklyn NY 11223-1932 Kings
Twins Moving & Storage Inc 3601 Kings Hwy Brooklyn NY 11234-2747 Kings
U S Movers Inc 5306 3rd Ave Brooklyn NY 11220-2601 Kings
U Santini Inc 239 15th St Brooklyn NY 11215-4998 Kings
UMC Inc 1255 Willoughby Ave Brooklyn NY 11237-2904 Kings
Us 1 Van Lines Moving & Strg 2312 Coach Rd # 132 Brooklyn NY 11237 Kings
Van Line Trucking 140 58th St Brooklyn NY 11220-2521 Kings
Viva Moving Inc 8718 3rd Ave Brooklyn NY 11209-5145 Kings
White Glove Transportation Inc 395 Johnson Ave Brooklyn NY 11206-2805 Kings
Wings Moving & Storage 506 5th Ave Brooklyn NY 11215-4812 Kings
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