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Budget Van Lines – Piano Moving

I have a four bedroom house and a lot of delicate oversized items, such as a baby grand piano. I'm having a hard time finding a moving company that has the means to come crate my piano, and ship it across country for a reasonable price. I've been looking for two weeks. 
Could anyone refer me to a moving company that they've personally used to move an oversized item? I would greatly appreciate it!

  - George Holloway
Atlanta, Georgia


Hey George!

My son is a piano player and his most prized possession is his $35,000 ballroom piano. He was recently hired by the Madison Symphony Orchestra and had to relocate. You can imagine how important it was for him to find a reliable company to crate and move the seven foot piano! I know he probably interviewed each moving company as if it was a police interrogation!  He ended up using a company called Budget Van Lines. Apparently Budget Van Lines is a moving broker that works with many companies all over the nation they sent a special crew with expertise in pianos that packed it for him. When they arrived in Wisconsin, they took the piano out of the packaging and it looked just as perfect as when it left! He was really happy with them.

- Elaine Colbert
  Los Angeles, California

Hi Elaine,

I really appreciate your referral. It's great to have insight from another customer. Do you think you could ask your son if he remembers how they packed the piano?

- George Holloway
Atlanta, Georgia

Hey George!

I talked to my son yesterday evening they arrived with a special piano board they designed to fit his piano perfectly. Then they put a foot or so of padding all around the piano, and wrapped it with moving pads. 
After that they crated the entire thing. He said he watched them, and they did a great job. I hope that helps!

- Elaine Colbert
Los Angeles, California

Hi Elaine,

That sounds like exactly what I need! Thanks!

-George Holloway
Atlanta, Georgia


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